The distribution of electrical power within a facility is like the body’s central nervous system, and the lifeline for any building, facility or campus. Operationally, the electrical power distribution system is critical to the successful performance and cost efficiency of technology, equipment and operations. When dealing with electricity there are many challenges including: the overall increased demand for electricity; the complexity of regulatory agency mandates, requirements and restrictions; the continuous and notable electric power industry changes with widespread liberalization of the industry; increased demand for environmentally and financially sound renewable energy sources; the need for efficient and reliable energy generation and the usage of smart technologies. EETS has decades of experience performing numerous types of electric power system studies. By applying our electrical power distribution system experience we help to identify, analyze and diagnose electrical ailments of an existing electrical system or we can assist to design a new power system to accommodate today’s business critical electrical requirements.

Arc Flash Studies

  • Recommendations for Reducing Possible Arc Flash Hazards
  • Short Circuit Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash Labeling
  • Time/Current Coordination Analysis
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Pumping Facilities
  • Generating & Transmission Facilities
  • Integrated Process Control Sites
  • Energy Management System Sites
  • Process Manufacturing Facilities
  • Power System Facilities
  • Primary & Secondary Distribution Facilities
  • Protective Relaying & Coordination Facilities

Power System Studies

  • Load Flow Studies
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Surge Protection
  • Ground Grid Design

Power Quality Studies

  • Identify Economic Solutions to Power Quality Issues
  • Solve Process Disruptions