EETS engineers have decades of experience in substation design. We are involved in every step from permitting, site planning, designing, equipment procurement and construction management. Our clients’s specific needs are met with our expertise in cost effective design solutions. The resulting project’s reliable power system operation and high performance are to be expected from EETS engineering.

Spotlight: Substation Projects

Pittsburg Power – Island Energy
Mare Island, California

For over a century, Mare Island was home to the Naval Shipyard. In the 1990′s the city of Vallejo began the base conversion planning process to convert Mare Island into a commercial and residential community. EETS was hired to work along side Pittsburg Power to assist with the electrical portion of this process and continues to partner with them.

  • Design of sequenced equipment replacement for Island Energy’s main 115kV:12kV substation serving all industrial and residential service to Mare Island. This substation refurbishment required replacement of 115kV breakers and switches as well as 12kV double-ended switchgear.
  • Replacement required a detailed switching plan as well as sequenced replacement of the 12kV switchgear in several sections and rerouting and cutover of outgoing 12kV circuits

SMUD 115kV Station ‘A’ GIS Substation
Sacramento, California

Long time clients Sacramento Municipal Utility District hired EETS staff to design an upgrade for the historic Station ‘A’ Substation in downtown Sacramento.  Design of a major upgrade and refurbishment of 115kV and 12kV network underground system at SMUD Historic Station ‘A’

  • 115kV GIS rang bus and protection
  • (3) 40MVA, 15kV:12kV LTC transformers
  • (3) 12kV double bus network switchgear lineups

230kV Manville Substation
Willows, California

Johns-Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality building insulation. EETS engineers were asked to design their new 230kV:21kV substation within the fenceline of an existing PG&E substation:

  • Design of 230kV, 1200 amp, 3-pole circuit switcher
  • Design of 230kV/21kV protective relay telemetry and control panel
  • 125V DC battery system/21kV 2000 amp circuit breaker and protective relaying
  • Control building with protective relaying, telemetry, control panels and battery system
  • Grounding system design

Calpine c*Power/US Data Port 115kV Substation & Generating Facility
San Jose, California

Located in San Jose, California, Calpine’s c*Power program was designed to supply U.S. Data Port’s planned San Jose Internet Campus with highly reliable critical power and ancillary services. c*Power’s critical energy supply allows U.S. Data Port to offer an energy infrastructure to enhance their environmentally preferred technology. The Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility, owned and operated by Calpine, meets all of U.S. Data Port’s power needs and provides chilled water to cool computer hardware. In addition to a critically reliable power product, Calpine’s c*Power program frees revenue space for U.S. Data Port’s Internet hosting operations and offers ancillary services that are traditionally associated with infrastructure costs. EETS engineers worked on the following electrical designs:115kV breaker-and-a-half low profile construction substation:

  • (2) 115kV overhead line positions
  • (2) 115kV underground line positions
  • (12) 115kV:21kV 50MVA load tap changing transformer positions
  • (1) Control building with protective relaying, telemetry, control panels and battery systems
  • (72) 21kV, 500kcmil copper underground feeders


Generating facilities:

  • (4) 13.8kV, 10MW gas turbine generators
  • (4) 13.8kV:21kV, 12.5MVA step-up transformers
  • (4) 600V, 2.5MW flywheel generator backed UPS system
  • (4) 21kV:600V, 3.0MW step-up transformers
  • (1) Protective relaying control and telemetry panels with battery system