Gas turbine generation produces very low toxic emissions of CO and HC and runs on a variety of fuels including natural gas. Waste heat is dissispated almost entirely in the exhaust which in turn is available for boiling water in a combined cycle or for co-generation. EETS has experience working on gas turbine generation designs involving natural gas.

Spotlight: Gas Turbine Projects

SMUD – McClellan Gas Turbine
McClellan AFB, California

EETS worked with SMUD to provide engineering design for HMI and PLC-based controls upgrade for GE Mark IV governor replacement for the 77MW unit located at McClellan Air Force Base.

Proctor & Gamble Co-Generation
Sacramento, California

Proctor & Gamble and the Sacramento CoGeneration Authority upgraded the capacity of three combustion turbines and one steam turbine at the P&G facility in Sacramento. Combustion turbine #1 along with the steam turbine comprise a combined cycle unit. Prior to upgrade, this system provided 164MW of electricity to the grid and process steam for the manufacturing facility. The existing facility consisted of two 42.5MW gas-fired combustion turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and a 35MW steam turbine generator in two combined cycle systems. There was additionally an existing natural gas-fired 45MW combustion turbine simple cycle peaker unit. This upgrade was three-fold: increase output by 22MW, raise thermal efficiency and decrease combustion turbine pollutant emissions. EETS engineers were asked to review all electrical facilities, upgraded turbines and related generator step-up transformers to insure all equipment ratings were sufficient to carry the increased output. This detailed analysis included generator step-up transformer loading, all aspects of steam turbine upgrades (generator, switchgear, bus duct, voltage variation, temperature, loss of life calculations).

Campbell Soup Co-Generation
Sacramento, California

Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Campbell Soup asked EETS to work on this co-generation project. This co-generation facility replaces large boilers. The natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant provides steam to the Campbell Soup facility as well as nearly 150MW of electricity back to SMUD.

The Siemens gas turbines produce 146MW of electricity plus recycled water from the soup plant produce steam. The natural gas is supplied by the SMUD Co-Generation Natural Gas Pipeline (SMUDGAS).

Pollutants/emissions are reduced and a selective catalytic reducer monitors nitrous oxide emissions.