Solar power generation has emerged as the leading potential alternative to fossil fuel generation. It’s renewable and clean. It helps reduce our country’s dependency on fossil fuels, it leaves a small carbon footprint, there are numerous government incentives for enhancing the solar industry and solar can effectively match peak time output with peak time demand.

Spotlight: Solar Projects

GE Kern Solar Substation Design & Protection
Kern County, California

GE Energy and EETS worked on this Kern County solar project:

  • 230kV:34.5kV breaker-and-a-half conulstation
  • Substation: (4) 50MVA transformers (Phase I) and (2) 50MVA transformers (Phase II)
  • Collection system design 34.5kV: 200MW (Phase I) and 300MW (Phase II)

Fresno, California

Vie-Del Company hired EETS to assist in a design for a ground mounted solar plant. Power would be conveyed to the Vie-Del plant by means of overhead lines installed on the company’s property and continuing to the plant, thus reducing the company’s dependency on purchased power by 60%. EETS worked on the 636kW photovoltaic solar 12.47kV interconnect.

Constellation Winery
Geyserville, California

Constellation Wines is rapidly becoming the largest solar-powered winery by investing in solar design and installation at their facilities in Sonoma and Monterey counties. EETS engineers provided all the electrical design drawings with specifications for reconnection of 1MW solar plant at 12kV system level at Constellation Wines (Clos du Bois) in Sonoma County.

STC Photovoltaic Plant
San Diego, California

San Diego Gas & Electric identified Valley Center, Pala, Creelman and Lilac substations as four large photovoltaic additions requiring energy storage devices. EETS was asked to review three of the four substation designs:

  • Valley Center – 2MW, 12.47kV interconnect
  • Pala – 2.5MW, 12.47kW interconnect
  • Creelman – 5.0MW, 12.47kV interconnect

Opti-Solar, Inc.
McClellan Park, California

Opti-Solar (now part of First Solar) was an amorphous-silicon thin-film PV module company headquartered in the McClellan Air Force Base business park. EETS was hired to design all electrical upgrades and infrastructures:

  • Procurement specifications 12,470:480V transformers, 4000 amp, 480V bus duct, 480V distribution switchboards, and 120V panelboards
  • Design of main switchgear with SMUD metering compartment
  • Electrical infrastructure for (6) solar glass production lines
  • Electrical infrastructure for (1) manual and (1) automated assembler tool
  • Electrical infrastructure for dopant gas pad area
  • Tenant improvements for temporary occupancy of offices
  • Electrical infrastructure for HVAC, cooling towers, compressors, and supporting equipment in mechanical bay