Wind power is safe, clean and increasingly more affordable. Like solar, this form of alternative energy decreases our dependency on foreign imports and has a less negative impact on the environment. The only flaw in wind power is the wind’s intermittent nature. With recent advances in turbine design technology, the issue of intermittent power generation will be minimized. EETS engineers have been working on wind turbine projects for over a decade. They have witnessed the technological advancements towards wind power being a dependable source for second-to-second grid use.

Spotlight: Wind Projects

SMUD – Solano County Windfarm: Solano County, California
SMUD developed this windfarm back in 1994 in the Montezuma Hills near Rio Vista. EETS engineers were hired to provide the following studies:

  • Power Factor Study – Provide collection and wind turbine system modeling and analysis for optimum power transfer and VAR support over 21kV collection system
  • Load Flow Modeling – Load flow modeling and loss analysis of overhead and underground segments of 21kV collections system
  • 21kV Cable Single-Point Grounding – SMUD Solano Wind Farm 21kV cable single-point grounding and cable temperature monitoring
Bogle Vineyards Wind Turbine: Clarksburg, Califonia
Bogle’s 1.6MW wind turbine is expected to generate enough electricity to offset the power demands of its production facility as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Bogle’s wind turbine is the first large turbine to provide power to a winery in California. EETS is providing all electrical engineering design services including the feeder system from the GE turbine to existing site power distribution systems; assistance with utility interconnection; switchgear design and specification; and the specification of new distribution equipment.
Macho Springs Wind Farm: Luna County, New Mexico
The Macho Springs Wind Farm project consists of 28 Vestas V100-1.8 megawatt (MW) wind turbines installed over approximately 2,000 acres of private ranchland in New Mexico. All generated electricity will be sold across the stateline to Tucson Electric Power. EETS was hired to prepare 345kV protective relaying and customer non-revenue metering electrical drawings, including C&R elementaries and rack layouts of protective relays, non-revenue metering and control switches, and their respective technical specifications.
SMUD Solano Windfarm Phase III/Russell Substation: Solano County, California
Phase III of the SMUD Solano Windfarm Project adds another 128MW of electricity to the system. There was an addition of 55 wind turbines to the Solano Wind Farm Project to the Russell Substation interconnect with the PG&E 230kV Birds Landing Switchyard.EETS was responsible for:

  • Design documents and technical specifications for 200MVA 230:34.5kV main power transformer, 2000A 230kV power circuit breaker, 230kV and 34.5kV disconnect switches, cabling and bussing, control building layout, protective relaying and revenue metering.
  • Prepare engineering calculations for substation battery requirements, CT ratios, and grounding grid design.
  • Preparation of EPC contract documents for complete Phase III 200MVA substation, including control and relaying one-lines,plans, elevations, arrangements, details and schedules
  • Serve as Engineer of Record