EETS’s industrial power engineers are experienced in providing clients with cost effective and innovative design solutions to ensure safe and reliable electrical service. Whether it is teaming up with the client’s in-house engineering staff or working as the primary electrical team, our engineers are committed to providing the highest degree of service while minimizing operational risk.

Spotlight: Industrial Projects

Campbell Soup Company
Sacramento, California

After the shutdown of the Rancho Seco Nuclear Plant, SMUD approached Campbell Soup for replacement generation. The highly efficient natural gas-fired combined cycle powerplant project would provide steam to the Campbell Soup Company manufacturing facility and 158 MW to SMUD. EETS and Campbell Soup worked together for over twenty years on this project and others:

  • Design of new 21kV double-ended substation:
    • (3) 21kV sodium hexafluoride breakers
    • (2) 21kV revenue metering position
    • (8) 21kV substation disconnects
    • (12) 21kV metal-enclosed fused disconnects
    • (2) 5 MVA, 21kV:4.16kV transformers
  • Control building, protective relaying, instrumentation and controls
  • Structures and footings
  • Grounding
  • Design of 21kV:480V double-ended unit substations
  • Facility short circuit and coordination study
  • Relocation of existing unit substations to support plant process modifications

NEC Corporation
Roseville, California

EETS was asked to be the City of Roseville’s inspector on record for the new facilities installation when the 700,000 square foot campus was built. Our engineers were also asked to provide engineering design and training services:

  • Design of 12kV distribution system modifications
  • Provision of training classes to NEC engineers and facilities maintenance personnel
  • Preparation of standard electrical specifications for process electrical equipment
  • Prepare electrical audit of NEC practices and procedures
  • Acted as City of Roseville’s inspector on record for new facilities installation

Sprint Data Center & Communication Hub
Rancho Cordova, California

EETS has been a preferred service provider to Sprint for emergency generator and switchgear controls for over ten years:

  • Perform system integration including design, installation, programming and commissioning of (2) PLC-based generator and switchgear control systems.
  • Automatic control includes multiple 480 volt switchgears rated 3000 and 4000 amperes, as well as (4) 1200kW diesel emergency generators.

AIRCO Products (The BOC Group)
Fairfield, California

The BOC Group/AIRCO Products hired EETS to upgrade their Fairfield industrial gases plant.

Design of new 21kV primary service and distribution facilities:

  • 21kV vacuum circuit breakers and protection
  • 21kV metal-enclosed fused disconnects
  • 2kV:480V, 5000kVA transformer
  • 21kV:720/660/600/540/480/420/360/300/240 volt, 4000kVA equipment test transformer
  • 25kV underground system
  • Grounding

Johns-Manville Corporation
Pittsburg & Willows, California

EETS provided electrical engineering design work for both the Pittsburg and Willows industrial plants for Johns-Manville. This involved:

  • New 21kV primary service conversion
  • Design of new 230kV:21kV substation with fence-line of existing PG&E substation:
    • 230kV, 1200 amps, 3-pole circuit breaker
    • 230kV:21kV protective relay telemetry and control panel
    • 125V DC battery system- 21kV 2000 amp circuit breaker and protective relaying
    • (2) 25kV, 700kcmil AL underground feeders
    • Control building with protective relaying, telemetry, control panels and battery system
    • Grounding system