Our transmission and distribution engineers specialize in transmission and distribution analysis and network planning and substation and transmission line design. The T&D team actively integrates an energy grid economy with T&D design based on comprehensive utilization of demand-side participation, renewable energy and distributed generation.

Spotlight: Transmission & Distribution Projects

SMUD Rancho Seco to Pocket 230kV Transmission Line Project
Sacramento County, California

The Rancho Seco switchyard has been in continual use since permanent shutdown of the Rancho Seco nuclear plant. It is now a major intertie connecting Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s electrical transmission and distribution system with the Western Grid transmission system. EETS engineers assisted with the design addition of transmission lines:

  • 30 miles of 230kV double circuit bundled overhead transmission lines
  • Steel pole, vertical vee construction
  • 954kcmil all-aluminum conductor (AAC) ‘Magnolia’, 2 conductor bundled
  • 900 MW

SMUD 230kV Pocket Substation/Rancho Seco Switchyard Transmission Line
Sacramento County, California

This project was part of SMUD’s general plan to meet the growing residential and industrial electrical needs in south Sacramento. Additionally these additional projects were part of the redundant transmission link for uninterrupted power supply in case of a failure between Rancho Seco and Hedge Substation. EETS engineers worked on:

  • Design of (2) 230kV line positions at SMUD Substations Pocket and Rancho Seco
  • (2) new 230kV line positions at Pocket Substation including 230kV breakers, disconnects, buswork, protective relaying, metering, controls, footings and slabs, and structures
  • Activation of spare line position at Rancho Seco Switchyard and re-termination of 230kV Bellota transmission line
  • Design of 230kV double circuit bundled transmission line Pocket Substation to Rancho Seco Switchyard.

Public Service of Oklahoma – Black Fox Switchyard
Tulsa, Oklahoma

EETS staff was involved in the design phase of this joint project between the Public Service Company of Oklahoma and Associated Electric Cooperative of Springfield, Missouri.Design included:

  • 138kV ring bus configuration
    • Electrical design
    • Specification of equipment
  • 345kV breaker-and-a-half configuration
    • Electrical design
    • Specification of equipment

McClellan Air Force Base
McClellan, California

EETS engineers were asked to perform several tasks at the air force base:

  • Provide 60kV and 12kV distribution facilities site investigation reports
  • Provide as-built documentation and development in AutoCAD of full one-line, three-line
  • Provide AC & DC schematics and wiring diagrams for four (4) 69Kv and 12kV substations.

SMUD Transmission/Distribution Fiber Optic
Sacramento, California

EETS was asked to provide design services in conjunction with the installation by Contra Costa Electric for the turnkey installation of 140 miles of fiber optic ADSS and OPGW conductor in existing transmission and distribution facilities.