Water treatment is taking raw water and making it potable. EETS specializes in designing controls and instrumentation for water treatment processes. Our clients include municipalities and water districts.

Spotlight: Water Treatment Projects

City of Escondido Vista Water Treatment Plant

Escondido, California

Major refurbishment of controls, instrumentation, and process equipment for a 90MGD water treatment plant. Project work includes:

  • New central control room panels with PLC-based and manual controls, instrumentation, videographic recorders, flat panel monitors and an operations console
  • New HMI system utilizing Wonderware Intouch running on a Windows NT-based system with Ethernet LAN
  • New instrumentation and PLC-based controls for on-line and backwash control of (8) dual bed filters
  • New motor operations and controls for filter valve operators
  • New chemical metering pumps and magnetic flowmeters for (15) process chemical feeders
  • New PLC-based controls and drive refurbishment for (3) sludge bridges
  • New pump station PLC-based controls for 200HP VFD influent pump
  • New plant flowmeter instrumentation additions, upgrades and modifications
  • New plant wide power monitoring system and data highway plus network
  • New process instrumentation and controls at various process locations throughout the plant

City of Vacaville Water Treatment Plant

Vacaville, California

EETS was hired to design an expansion from 5 to 10MGD capacity at the diatomaceous earth plant (DE) as well as major refurbishment of all controls and instrumentation for the TWPS (treated water pump station).

  • Design for expansion of filter capacity and ancillary facilities at the DE plant
  • New plant main switchboards, motor control centers, pumps, control panels, instrumentation, SCADA system and telemetry link to (4) remote reservoirs and remote well sites 
  • Controls and instrumentation for individual process control of filtration/backwash, chemical addition, effluent pumps and remote facilities
  • Design of VFD system for TWPS plant
  • PLCs linked via data highway and utilize panel view color CRT operator interface devices
  • SCADA/HMI utilizing Intellution ‘Fix’
  • Pre-bid services
  • Construction services
  • Start-up and commissioning
DE plant pump assembly





Alameda County Water District Water Treatment Pump 2 Recovery Hydro

Fremont, California

ACWD owns and operates a 1.25MW conduit exemption type hydroelectric project on the main water supply pipeline to their WTP#2. Four 250kW generators were replaced with 300kW turbine generator units using pumps as turbines.

  • Provide engineering design for integration of new generating units to existing generator switchgear for units 1,2,4 and 5);Develop protective relay settings for new generator, new settings for new capacitor current balance relays
    • Integration of new generator protective relaying, winding and bearing RTD protection, addition of surge protection to generator leads
    • Replacement of components to accommodate increased generator size and existing failed capacitors, addition of calculated KVAR correction for new generators  
    • Addition of new current transformers and current balance relaying protection to unit capacitor leads
    • Design new ModBus comm. bus
  • Utility coordination with Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Provide engineering calculations to verify adequacy of existing generator breakers, contactor ratings, cable sizing and current transformer ratios for the 4 units
  • Provide engineering calculations of available short circuit and clearing times for new generators and protection, for inclusion in updated plant short circuit/coordination and arc flash
  • Provide engineering calculations to verify adequacy of ampacity and short circuit bracing/breaker interrupting rating of generator switchgear    

Thermalito Microfiltration Plant

Oroville, California

The existing water treatment plant at Thermalito consisted of: raw water pump station, 6 MGD pressure filter system, treatment building, hypochlorite tanks, one million gallon clearwell, and two unlined settling ponds. Two banks of three pressure filters each were operating with a capacity of 3MGD. This project included the expansion of the system with the installation of a 4MGD microfiltration plant that would deliver up to 4.5-4.8MGD for sustained periods of time. EETS was responsible for the design of the microfiltration plant:

  • Design plant so that once operational, one of the two banks of pressure filters will be maintained in standby mode and the other bank will be for emergency use only.  When demand exceeds microfiltration plant capacity but is less than 6MGD, discharger will utilize their supply wells to meet demand until the demand is greater than 6MGD.
  • Design connection to existing pressure filter plant
  • Design all controls, power and instrumentation work
  • Interface with existing filter controls
  • Conduct phasing surveys/engineering studies
  • Integration of plant-wide HMI systems