Anthropogenics is a modern term that applies to all major human impacts on the environment. Wastewater is one of the results. EETS engineers skillfully design controls and processes for effluent disinfection, pumping station rehabilitation, clarifier modification and SCADA instrumentation controls. All work meets or exceeds all regulatory guidelines.

Spotlight: Wastewater Pumping Projects

Douglas County Sewer Irrigation District (DCSID) Main Pump Station
Douglas County, California

In 2005 the DCSID Main Pump Station and Treatment Plant experienced a line rupture due to the obsolescence of the existing force main.  DCSID asked EETS engineers to design a new force main as the primary pathway for sewage flow while retaining the existing obsolete system for emergency and maintenance situations only. This work was part of the redundant force main project involving energy recovery from the effluent force main, equalization basins, STPUD intertie, main lift station retrofit, reservoir lining, and effluent force main evaluation:

  • Designed new VFD’s (multi-pulse drives required) designed to operate existing 150HP tandem pump pairs and future single inverter duty 300HP motor
  • Designed new redundant ultrasonic level controllers, new redundant PLC with auto cut-over
  • Designed new auxiliaries including front panel controls for interface to new PLC controller and ultrasonic level control systems
  • Provided construction cost estimates
  • Provided electrical design drawings and specifications for competitive bidding
  • Provided necessary utility coordination for approval of VFD drives
  • Provided construction sequence for retrofit of existing MCC to accept (3) ew 300HP VFD and pump motor controls and integration to new control panel
  • Generated procurement drawings and specifications for free-standing control panel with redundant PLCs and dual OIDs and provided bid and construction services 
Main Pump inside pump station Main Pump vertical pump and motor

Manteca Industrial Pipeline

Manteca, California

Eckert Cold Storage required a pipeline to discharge its industrial wastewater to a separate collection and disposal system. This pipeline system would convey Eckart’s wastewater around the City’s sanitary sewer collection system and around Manteca’s Wastewater Quality Control Facility (WQCF) for direct disposal onto City farmland. This project consisted of the addition of a 6MGD secondary effluent storage pond, subsurface drainage system, new pump station with new electrical service, floating mechanical aerators with control system, industrial piping, motor control valves and new access platform. A new wet well pump station was installed to facilitate distribution of the effluent.
EETS engineers performed the electrical design of the wastewater treatment facilities/pump station:

  • Designed (2) 7.5HP influent pumps
  • Designed 20HP floating aerators
  • Designed motor control cabinets (MCC)
  • Provided PLC-based controls
  • Provided HMI interface
  • Provided instrumentation and controls

Courtland-Walnut Grove Pump Stations
Courtland & Walnut Grove, California

This Sacramento County Sanitation District (CSD1) project is comprised of two pump stations and a force main sewer pipe that carries wastewater flow from the Courtland Wastewater Treatment Plant down to facilities near the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center. The lift stations are located in Courtland at the WTP and near Walnut Grove. Courtland new facilities include:

  • Design of (2) duplex pump stations, with a total of 235HP of pumping capacity, utilizing 18-pulse VFDs and fixed speed drives.
  • Motor control centers containing automatic transfer switches, PLC-based control panels, and bubbler level monitoring systems.


Walnut Grove new facilities include:

  • Design of (2) duplex, dual-wet well pump stations, with a total of 620HP of pumping capacity, utilizing 18-pulse VFDs and fixed speed drives.
  • Motor control centers containing automatic transfer switches, PLC-based control panels, and dual-bubbler level monitoring systems.

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District – Cordova Pump Station
Sacramento, California

This project was a major refurbishment of 10MGD sewage pump station for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District:

  • (3) 100HP 18-pulse VFD drives and inverter duty motors
  • Increased main service size, emergency generation and automatic transfer switch
  • Major refurbishment, replacement and expansion of controls, instrumentation, and HVAC systems.
  • PLC based and SCADA integrated EGEN Fuel management system
  • Additions to existing Modicon Quantum control system
  • PLC programming