It sounds simple. Send water from its source to where it is needed. Realistically however, water conveyance involves sending specific quantities of raw water via water “highways” (pipelines, canals, levees) to water treatment and filtration facilities and pumping stations before entering finished water distribution systems. EETS has twenty five years of experience in water conveyance and pumping facilities and has worked on numerous projects.

Spotlight: Water Distribution Projects

Bureau of Reclamation – Tracy Main Pumping Plant
Tracy, California

Water in the Delta is lifted 197 feet into the Delta-Mendota Canal. Each of the six (6) 22,500HP pumps/motors at the Tracy Main Pumping Plant is capable of pumping 767 cubic feet per second; the power supplied by the Central Valley Project power plants. EETS led the engineering design for the design-build project:

  • Four (4) new 13.8kV switchgear and controls for the Tracy pumping facility consisting of (6) 22,500HP pumps and auxiliaries.
  • Project involved staging cutover and removal of existing switchgear while maintaining plant operation.
  • Installation of new line reactors for each serving transformer.
  • Integration of new switchgear and control boards to existing motor control and excitation system for all six motors.
  • Integration of new controls with existing WAPA facilities.

Diablo Grande Raw Water Pump Stations
Patterson, California

Upgrade capacity of existing 4 raw water lift stations from 1MGD to 2MGD. All four stations with a total pumping capacity of 2600 HP operate in series to lift raw water 2,800 feet from the canal to the water treatment plant.

  • New facilities for each lift station included:.
    • Addition of emergency generators and automatic transfer switches
    • Replacement of existing and installation of new VFDs
    • Addition of VFD water cooling, HVAC, lighting and security
    • AB Control Logix PLC and instrumentation upgrades
    • Implementation of lift station wet well level interlocking and treatment plant control pacing of raw water pumps
  • Design power, control, instrumentation and security system for new upper pressure zone pump station (500HP) and storage reservoir (10MG). 
  • HMI implementation for raw water and finish water distribution systems – AB RSView HMI platform located at water treatment plant:
    • Dual HMI RSView SE Servers
    • RSBizware Historical Database Server
    • Engineering Laptop with RSView ME
    • AB Control Logix PLC serving as communications manager’
  • Addition of emergency generators and automatic transfer switches for all stations; design and refurbishment of VFD s for all stations; addition of air conditioning and water cooling/filtration; power, control/instrumentation design; intrusion detection; lighting/security design:MI implementation for raw water and finish water distribution systems – ABC Control Logix and CompactLogix PLC-based distributed control for communication via Ethernet radio with repeater station and internet broadband VPN over fiber to raw water pump station:
    • (4) raw water pump stations
    • (2) upper pressure zone pumping stations
    • (2) upper pressure zone reservoirs
    • (3) irrigation storage ponds
  • Addition of emergency generators and automatic transfer switches for all stations; design and refurbishment of VFD for all stations; addition of air conditioning and water cooling and filtration; power, control and instrumentation design; intrusion detection, lighting and security design:

    • Station 1 with (2) each 350HP pumps
    • Stations 2 & 3 with (2) each 300HP pumps
    • Station 4 with (2) each 300HP pumps and (1) each 125HP pump


Coachella Valley Water District – Mid Valley Pump Station
Coachella, California

This project is part of the Mid-Valley Pipeline Project and involved design of a major raw water pumping plant, screened intake structure and pipeline including primary service voltage switchgear and 4160volt pump motors. Project water was delivered by pipeline to a waste water treatment plant for blending with plant effluent to provide area water irrigation to all local golf courses in the Indian Wells/Palm Desert area.EETS design work included:

  • Design of new 60MGD (2800HP) pump station with 12kV primary service
  • 4.16kV medium voltage SS soft start motor controllers
  • 5-miles of 48″ pipeline and surge suppression system:
    • (2) 800HP, 4160V
    • (2) 400HP, 4160V
    • (2) 200HP, 4160V

Princeton, Codora, Glenn Water District and Provident Irrigation District Pump Station
Colusa County, California

This pump station was constructed to provide irrigation water from the Sacramento River for both the PCGID and PID Irrigation Districts. The pump station allowed for the retirement of a number of aging individual irrigation pump stations for both districts.  EETS engineers designed (4) 350HP and (4) 200HP medium voltage and VFD pumps with 600 CFS pumping capacity ad a 200HP air burst compressor for intake fish screen cleaning.  Also included was the design of HMI and telemetry systems.  Modicon PLC-based flow monitoring and water delivery control system, and revenue metering for allocation of WAPA power delivery based on individual irrigation system water usage.
Princeton Codur

SemiTropic Water Storage District P-384 Distribution System
Colusa County, California

The P-384 Distribution System is part of the $100M+ Stored Water Recovery Unit/Groundwater Banking Program. P-384 distribution system consisted of a 2700HP canal-side pumping plant, a 700HP booster pumping plant and 22 miles of pipelines, ranging from 78 inches down to 15 inches in diameter.New influent pump station consisting of:

  • (3) 600HP, 4.16kV pumps
  • (2) 300HP, 4.16kV pumps
  • (1) 150HP, 4.16kV pumps
  • (2) 75HP, 4.16kV pumps

New booster pump station consisting of:

  • (2) 200HP, 480V pumps
  • (3) 100HP, 480V pumps
  • (2) 50HP, 480V pumps